Samford Private Property Wedding – Emma + Matt

December 23, 2020

Emma and Matt. Gosh, how can you even begin to explain the epicness of their Samford Private Property Wedding? It was a little like the Lion King – everything the sun touched, was their magic home paradise.

There were cows, a clear marquee (are they the best marquee? I think so, I’d love an opinion on this!) and the most important thing – a couple that are so totally into each other.

The day started in the way that wedding days so often do, calmly. A little bit of time with each human getting married and then the main event at Henzell Chapel – but outside under the epic leopard trees. 10/10 do recommend. So many parts of the day were made up of things that saluted the family history and showed that Emma and Matt cared about their families and were building their own traditions.

And then! The portraits on their Private Property! OMG. I’m still trying to convince them to open their land up for photoshoots (Emmmmmmaaaaaa). It’s amazing! If you have access to family property, seriously consider taking advantage of it!

The night was in full swing when I tiptoed out the door with lots of laughs echoing around the valley as I tiptoed to the car. Seriously, what a day!

The good stuff for Emma and Matt’s Samford Private Property Wedding:

Henzell Chape

Felicity McShane bringing the celebrant goodness

Emma’s epic Dress from White Lily Couture