The Sol Gardens Wedding of Sandra and Kris was absolutely delightful! The duo had a really clear vision of how relaxed they wanted their day to be with a mix of candid photo opportunities and a little bit of magic in the form of ensuring their formal photos had incredible backdrops!

This wasn’t my first first Sol Gardens Wedding, it’s actually one of my favourite venues as the couples who choose it are so fun and value so many of the same things that I do – namely the people around them, authenticity and having a great time!!!

There are so many moments from Sandra and Kris’ day that deserve a mention – from Sandra’s mum seeing her at the top of the aisle to both wedding parties being fully dressed on the calm beach at the Coast to the epic dancefloor laden with ALMOST enough Abba to satisfy the Norwegians! And the weather was PERFECT for this Sol Gardens wedding – cloudy days really are a dream for wedding photographers!

Enough of my rambles, enjoy this beautiful wedding as seen through my lens and that of my second photographer. Sandra and Kris had 2 photographers for 8 hours!