Let’s talk about Moni and Cam’s Kooroomba Wedding and how jolly lovely it was! Not just because the setting was divine (it really is – Kooroomba weddings has done the most amazeballs job of creating something special), but the people!

Moni and Cam’s family and friends are a talented bunch of humans – from Tracey (Black and Bloom studios) a friend of the couple doing their amazing flowers (whilst it may have been her first Kooroomba wedding, she completely understand the landscape and how to incorporate it into her stunning designs) to an Auntie who made the super tasty cake it was so stylish and heart felt!

After moving back to Australia from London, Moni and Cam really wanted to treat their friends and family to a night in a gorgeous location to celebrate their home country and Kooroomba simply cannot disapoint. That glorgious golden light over the mountains was one thing, but man, the food! Serious Taurus vibes coming through on this one – it is incredible! Kooroomba did an amazing job creating a luxurious and stylish space for friends and family to catch up and chat the whole night through!

There’s some super keen takeaways for planning your own Kooroomba Wedding here and they are:

1) Photos at sunset are best! The golden light tipping over the mountain = amazing
2) Sparklers! Do them earlier in the night before your guests are too drunk to safely hold fire near other humans
3) Ask Friends and Family to do special things on the day – like help you with cakes, flowers, getting dressed. It makes for special memories!

I really loved this day and hope that you enjoy the journey, too! If you’re planning your own Kooroomba wedding, please feel free to get in touch for some hints and tricks to make your day even more magical. But first – the pictures!